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The fact that you didn't even draw the ostrich and that there is 0 gameplay. It's not funny. If you want to make games, put your heart and soul into them, don't just make something in 30 minutes and hope it's become famous or something.

This deserves to get blammed.

Greasegoat responds:

this game wasn't meant to be taken seriously and you're right this does deserve to get blammed
it's a piece of fucking shit

It could use some more pixels ;)

iXenophobia responds:

ikr?! how about I re-release it, this time with even WORSE graphics!!!11!!!

Very well executed and well made. But PLEASE make original games.

Please do not upload beta games. Just release the full game when it's done. While it's in development just get some beta testers. Too many people make this mistake

BlueWolfDevelopment responds:

Thanks. I will not do this. But I may just decide to keep this up for THIS REASON. Because i'm getting the feedback I need for this game which is good. I like bad reviews because it tells me what I have to fix. But thank you for the review! Hope you like the finished project!

Pretty cool 3D effect, but the gameplay is not very fun, and it's hard to know where you're supposed to go.

Could use some polishing, for example the backgrounds.

kyle789XBL responds:

i totally agree thanks for your review, the full release will have better quality an more levels (ANDROID).

Now why would you release a beta version? Never, ever do that again. Get some beta testers instead.

Jontohil2 responds:

I didn't have any :(

I have a couple of problems with this game. There is no difficulty, there is no point in the letters, the levels are as easy as they could be, the background is nothing special and you say "Credit to the author of the music" but you don't even mention him once. Don't let this discourage you, let this be a lesson. This is a great start to making games but this is a game you don't upload and expect good reviews. You need to learn to pace yourself, not make 8 levels and barely any gameplay and go and upload it, take it easy during the development hours. Look at the game and see how you could make it better, for example: Make more levels, make him jump higher and make larger gaps. Use the letter function to make a cool game mechanic, create a new and better background. Just make it all around better. I KNOW you can do it! You just need the patience and willpower.

This was a great attempt, but it's not going to cut it in the real world. Like I said spend more time creating than uploading. Take long looks at the game and change whatever needs to be changed.

Pretty fun, and I can't believe how many levels you put into this. It's amazing, but the art is lacking a bit, and the font is quite hard to read. But that's only my first impression. Good luck in the future! ^^

TheCez responds:

Thanks! I appreciate that! :D

Pretty good Idea but the gameplay is not very fun, the animation is not fun to look at. And the upgrade menu is very confusing. This just looks like a quick grab for ad money.

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