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Animation, characters, voice acting was great. But the punches didn't feel like they were punches, the gun shots didn't seem like they actually did damage. I think it definitely needs a sound effect and the punch should look like it has more power to it.

That looked pretty damn awesome, I have to say.

Very cool colors and pretty good animation. The problems are that it's hard to understand what's going on in the beginning (create some setting shots, to understand where you are, and what you're looking at) and the slapstick is hardly noticable, you want to feel the hits (Some of the hits moved a bit slow and it looked like he barely touched them when they fell to the ground).

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Good sfx, except for the jumping sound. It doesn't fit the feel of the game.
The game looks laggy even though it's not.
The animations are great but a bit clunky
The swimming was a cool but pointless feature.
The story was awesome ;)
The narration was amazing.
Short but sweet.
Pretty background and well designed characters.
Some visual glitches and one glitch when you swim into the ice as you jump out of the water it freezes and I'm unable to move.
Could've definitely used some more work, since it was a pretty short game but other than that
it was really cool, I liked it.

TheMillz responds:


I found that stuck in the ice glitch myself, fixed it in the update and tossed in the subtitles. Enjoy!

Really cool game, great idea, pretty fun.

But you can't just put the player in a game and not tell them how to play. I know you put it in the description but that doesn't help anyone that doesn't know to look there. Just a little tutorial would make the game a lot better. When you first play you see a monster and you lose a heart, I still have no idea what to do there.

Instructions is all this game really needs, maybe a little more balanced gameplay as well, but other than that very beautiful game, the art is amazing.

kakus responds:

All of what you said is true. The game was made for a contest which had a time constraint. This is basically what I did in one week from scratch. If I will ever make a remake or sequel I will try to take advantage off all the amazing feedback I received here on newgrounds.

Thanks for your feedback :)

I tried way too long to get the name "ASS" and then I left.

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I'm going to be using this in my next game in a boss fight. Just letting you know, I will credit you.

Love this beat! Fits perfectly into my game, don't worry I will credit you :)

PM me if you want to beta test the game ^^

I'm using this in my game :)
I will credit you, and if you want your real name credited PM me.
amazing song.

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