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Good sfx, except for the jumping sound. It doesn't fit the feel of the game.
The game looks laggy even though it's not.
The animations are great but a bit clunky
The swimming was a cool but pointless feature.
The story was awesome ;)
The narration was amazing.
Short but sweet.
Pretty background and well designed characters.
Some visual glitches and one glitch when you swim into the ice as you jump out of the water it freezes and I'm unable to move.
Could've definitely used some more work, since it was a pretty short game but other than that
it was really cool, I liked it.

TheMillz responds:


I found that stuck in the ice glitch myself, fixed it in the update and tossed in the subtitles. Enjoy!

Really cool game, great idea, pretty fun.

But you can't just put the player in a game and not tell them how to play. I know you put it in the description but that doesn't help anyone that doesn't know to look there. Just a little tutorial would make the game a lot better. When you first play you see a monster and you lose a heart, I still have no idea what to do there.

Instructions is all this game really needs, maybe a little more balanced gameplay as well, but other than that very beautiful game, the art is amazing.

kakus responds:

All of what you said is true. The game was made for a contest which had a time constraint. This is basically what I did in one week from scratch. If I will ever make a remake or sequel I will try to take advantage off all the amazing feedback I received here on newgrounds.

Thanks for your feedback :)

I tried way too long to get the name "ASS" and then I left.

I really liked it! But the endless attack is very overpowered. If you walk so you back is to the left wall and keep pressing ZZXX over and over you won't get hurt. Then it's just easy peasy.

juako04 responds:

Thank you for your reply! Yes you are right, I guess it could be fix using new enemies, will fix it in my next game, thank you for pointing that out.

Great game for only 48 hours! It has fun gameplay, awesome art, and there is difficulty. You can use different strategies and it's just really fun! Looking forward to see what you will do next LD! ^^

CrownoO responds:

Thank you!
This is the first time I managed to send something to LD, but I tried at least 3 other times before without much success. Hopefully next time I'll be able to send something again :)

There's no gameplay, no visual story, I mean it's just like a short animated clip. I mean, it's supposed to be game, right? It's pretty good for being made in only 24 hours but other than that there's nothing special about this.

TechnoWolf99 responds:

Honestly, I have no idea what it is. At the end of day two I was scrambling for an idea and came up with this... thing.

Very nice short game for being made in only 48 hours! You had a concept you fulfilled it, you made a story and you got music and everything. Good job man, I bet the next LD you'll be even better!

It's fun, but that's pretty much the only good thing. First of all there is no score, second of all you there are no graphics and that's a sign of a laziness. Before you released this you could've easaly made some improvements, that would make this game 10 times better.

Take your time before releasing, if you take this seriously.

Jojololly responds:

Thanks for responding. I tried to add a score, for how long you have survived but on Newgrounds the timer always has like a million numbers after the decimal, even though that's not how it works in the editor. I'm not really sure what graphics would actually work, I think it looks alright. I could do things like a man with meteorites falling on him but I just feel like that would take away from the gameplay.

It could use some more pixels ;)

iXenophobia responds:

ikr?! how about I re-release it, this time with even WORSE graphics!!!11!!!

Very well executed and well made. But PLEASE make original games.

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